What we do


Communication Planning

Marketing, communications and media planning services

Integrated communication planning

At Carat we recognise the importance of integrated communication strategies.  Our strategic planning function sits at the heart of the agency, powering the development of commercially focused integrated communication across bought, owned and earned media. In developing the communication solutions our strategists involve communication planners and specialist from all relevant fields: ambient, digital, social media, research, analytics.

Research & Analytics

Research services

Insights & Analytics

Carat Estonia has the industry-leading capability for research, insight, and evaluation in Estonia. On top of all the other industry-related information sources and tools available in Estonia, our clients benefit from our proprietary survey, the Consumer Connection System.

Consumer Connection System (CCS)

CCS is the most in-depth media and marketing survey out there. It has a sample size of 3000+ and includes detailed media usage data in the Bought, Owned, and Earned media ecosystem, as well as broad information about consumer lifestyle, personality, and attitudes, coupled with in-depth information about different category and brand usage and preferences.

CCS Follow-up Surveys

We offer our clients a chance to create ad-hoc CCS follow-up surveys to gain even more in-depth knowledge about the specific category or brand. The unique feature of CCS follow-up surveys is the possibility to link this data directly into the existing CCS database. This way, we can provide our clients with analysis and segmentations based on all the consumer and media related information from CCS together with newly acquired information about the specific product or brand from a follow-up survey.

Research and Evaluation

At Carat Estonia we highly recommend our clients evaluate their campaign effectiveness in order to better prepare for future activities. Campaigns can be evaluated on various levels.

Tracking Output

Campaign output measurement reports are provided to all our clients. Tracking outputs is the most basic and direct level of campaign productivity evaluation. It gives basic information about community exposure to any given message in any given time, and is measured with metrics like GRP, TRP, Impressions, Reach, Frequency, etc.

Measuring Outcome

Campaign outcomes are the changes that have taken place within the audience because of the campaign, such as attitudes towards the campaign, increased knowledge or awareness, behaviour changes, consumers trying to educate themselves about the topic, etc. Such outcomes cannot be measured by simple output metrics; thus more sophisticated techniques are needed. Therefore, Carat Estonia’s in-house research department encourages clients to look beyond simple measurement of campaign output.


Digital media and performance marketing

Digital strategies and planning

Our experienced specialists work in a multi-dimensional and ever chaning digital world. They are always ready to offer our clients digital strategies and tactical plans to chieve their business objectives.

Integrated digital solutions

Our goal is to offer integrated full-scope digital solutions. A great idea deserves innovative solutions, exceptional design and the best possbile channel selection.

Google AdWords

Our team consists of  certified Google AdWords specialists, who professionally create, manage, and optimize Google advertising campaigns. Google AdWords allows clients to reach the audience that is already interested in the product and use Google.ee to find more info or make a purchase.

Google Analytics

Our team consists of certified Google Analytics specialists, who professionally manage, create and interpret the contents of Google Analytics.

Search engines optimization (SEO)

We offer search engine optimization and SEO audit, which can improve business reach in Google search engine.

Social media marketing

In today’s world it is hard to overestimate the role of social media. The selection of channels is ever progressing. We can help you with creating a social media strategy and offer various services ranging from consultation to content creation and management.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing – a direct marketing form in which e-mails are used for communications, advertising, or informational purposes.

Permission principles ensure that the recipients are interested in the content provided, and together with automation, segmentation, and design possibilities, e-mail marketing is referred to as one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is the method of creating a better user experience and increasing website and advertising efficiency. This includes website analytics, usability audit, content experiments, and other actions.